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Overcoming addiction

This page gives advices on how to overcome drug addiction from a Christian perspective.
Are you stuck in drug addiction? Are you addicted to alkohol, cocaine, meth or various drugs? Perhaps prescription drugs? Have you been abusing drugs for a long time? Do you want to Overcome your drug addiction? Do you want to stop? Here are some practical advices that hopefully can help you on the way.
The first thing you need to recover from drug addiction is motivation. Ask yourself what you really, really want. When you know this then you can continue.
Ask Jesus Christ for help. Pray to Him. He loves you and always listens when someone prays to Him with an honest heart.

Liver cleanse, liver detox

You need to cleanse and repair your liver. Turmeric, the yellow spice is a very effective way of doing this.
Turmeric liver cleanse
Turmeric liver cleanse

You can buy Turmeric spice cheap at your supermarket. Add some black pepper, just very little, it increases the nutrient absorbtion.
Pour water in a glass, add a tablespoon Turmeric, plus some black pepper, stir and drink quickly. Warning, it taste really bad. Drink water or juice directly afterwards. Do this every day for some weeks.
Turmeric spice

Milk Thistle is also good for a liver cleanse.
Turmeric Milk Thistle liver cleanse
Milk Thistle liver cleanse
Milk Thistle liver cleanse
Milk thistle

Gotu kola (Centella Asiatica)
Gotu kola is a very good herb for detox and purification. It's a high antioxidant herb that is good for the mind. It prevents anxiety, depression, memory loss, and insomnia.
Warning: Do not take gotu kola if you are pregnant or nursing.
http://passionforhalsa.se (Swedish)
http://passionforhalsa.se (Swedish)
Buy gotu kola here: gotu kola powder
Gotu kola powder organic (amazon.com)
Gotu kola capsules (amazon.com)
Gotu kola tea (amazon.com)
Banyan Botanicals Organic Gotu Kola Powder

Gotu Kola - good for the brain and the mind

Alkalize your body

Your body is probably very acidic. Then you need to eat and drink food that is alkalizing. When your body become more alkaline you will also feel much better. This is probably very critical to understand to prepare for the moment when you want to quit taking your drugs.
short version: Avoid junkfood, fastfood, sodas, alkohol, sugar.
alkaline vs acidic foods chart

Eat much vegetables, drink vegetable green juices, green smoothies to alkalize your body.

Lemons are alkalizing - drink lemon juice
Although lemons are sour and acidic they actually create an alkalizing reaction in the body when digested so lemon juice is good to drink, without sugar of course. Don't buy ready made sweetened lemon juice or sodas. Buy Xylitol Sweetener or Stevia and make your own lemon juice.
Alkohol makes your body acidic so you should stop drinking alkohol.

Sodium Bicarbonate - good for your kidneys, your blood and your ph value

Sodium Bicarbonate is a natural part of your blood. It helps the blood to maintain it's correct ph value.
You can use Sodium Bicarbonate - baking soda to Alkalize your body. It's very alkaline.

Youtube videos about how to Sodium Bicarbonate to Alkalize your body.
Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking Soda) and pH Medicine
Drinking Baking Soda for Health Benefits
11 Amazing Health benefits of Using Baking Soda
How To Alkalize Your Body - Baking Soda Water Tonic

sodium bicarbonate baking soda.
Sodium Bicarbonate alkalizing

Sodium Bicarbonate is used in dialysis, the treatment for cleansing blood at hospitals.
Dialysis Concentrates, Powder for hemodialysis solution, SODIUM BICARBONATE
Dialysis Concentrates, Powder for hemodialysis solution, SODIUM BICARBONATE

Acidosis explained

Activated carbon charcoal health benefits detox
activated carbon charcoal capsules
Activated carbon charcoal health benefits detox

This page is under construction. More information is coming soon. God bless you.

/Carl Grinde

Turmeric -why you should take it daily

LCHF diet -low carbohydrate high fat

Candida yeast infection, tiredness,
sugar addiction, PH balance,

Healthy natural sweeteners and sugar alternatives, healthy baking

Herbs and green tea - inner harmony

Repair yourself at the cellular level. Methyl sulfonyl methane -MSM is organic sulfur.