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Harmony Videos - England, Staffordshire, Leek summer

Streaming starts faster with Internet Explorer.
You can download the video to your computer for personal use or watch it streaming it from the server.
Most videos are 10 minutes long and takes about 5 to 10 minutes to download.
For apple/Ipone users click the image to stream.
To download: right click and select "save target as" or "save link as".
Have loop playback enabled in your player so that the video automatically restarts when finished.
The videos are in MP4 and Windows media video format (wmv), HD but has no sound.
Microsoft/ Windows users shall not click on the image, click on the text under the image.

Watch on Playstation
How to play WMV format files on Playstation console:
go to (Settings) > (System Settings) and set [Enable WMA Playback].
MP4 should also be possible to watch on Playstation 4 anyway.

Listen to your favourite praise music when watching the video.
Here are links to very good Christian music. music 1 music 2 music 3 music 4 (profane)
A really nice thing is to listen to the Bible while watching the videos.
www.bibelntalar.se (audio Bible in swedish)

Or just watch without any music. silence can actually be very nice, relaxing and calming.
Drink som herbal tea or smoothies, light some candles and relax. More videos comming soon.
Thank God for the wonderful world He has created and thank Jesus Christ for His sacrifice on the cross
that He died for us to take the punishment for our sins. And He resurrected!
Jesus Christ is love and through His salvation we can have eternal life.
Imagine what paradise will be like... I mean this world is wonderful but paradise will be even better!
And it will be for eternity. All glory to Jesus Christ.
I'm now uploading all videos in MP4 format also that works on Ipad.
The mp4 format is so much better quality! If you have Windows media player, click on WMV. Enjoy.
Users with Microsoft PC Windows media player click on WMV
ipad, iPhone, apple users click MP4

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  MP4    wmv
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  MP4    wmv
  MP4    wmv
  MP4    wmv
  MP4    wmv
  MP4    wmv
  MP4    wmv